Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Galette Redux

Redemption!  I resisted using Charlie Sheen's catch phrase "WINNING!" and, though I could care less about his bizarre behavior, I do think his cooking show video for "Winning Recipes" is hilarious.  (His "hands are rated by Zagats, he makes salad and even speaks to 'the secret ingredient'.) I digress...

I have quite a ways to go in conquering the potato galette, yet we are one step closer. With the help of my hero(ine) Patricia Wells. ---->

KEY: Dry potatoes. This round, I had more time to let the towel absorb the moistness, so the potatoes dried out much better- as called for in the recipe. The potatoes were pressed into the towel a few times over the course of 40 mins., so that helped. Remember, there's that fine line between drying and becoming discolored.

Another difference: I used a four cheese blend rather than the grated Parmesan, so the cheese factor was oilier, but milder tasting. And I used dried Herbes de Provence, and only a pinch of fresh chives, which tend to add "wetness."  So, there were several factors making Galettes.2 more successful that the first edition. Across the board, the appropriate cooking time made the biggest difference. The egg held together perfectly and didn't become rubbery, as when originally overcooked.  

Loved tonight's galette.  But there is still room for improvement...

Also, we used the Red Hot Salt (saved from the Rancho Salad) to season tonight's grilled veggies and steak.  We will continue to use it on everything for a spicy little kick. I am now obsessed with infusing salts with all sorts of herbs. Such a simple way to spice up any meal.

Watch for Shawnie vs. Galette. Round 3.

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  1. Looks to me like you've pretty well conquered it! Shall we christen you "Goddess of the Galette?" :)

  2. HA... why not. But tonight, I'm the Sultan of Socca.