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Paris... je t'aime! 
I've been thinking about Paris an awful lot lately. It's been a while since I've seen you, my love! But no matter how much time passes between visits, the City of Light always feels familiar and cozy- like an old, comfortable sweater that stays tucked away in a special place until the right time to bring it out. I think its time.

Sweet Memories....

La douceur de vivre... the sweetness of life... This is among the first pictures I took in Paris using my very first digital camera with a whopping one megapixel resolution. Late 90s, I think. The hotel was next to this amazing bakery (which I later learned has been around since the 50s). Each day, there was no choice but to walk by this patisserie en route to the metro station. Pressing my nose against the front window, I admired the glorious pastries and towers of macaroons; wondering how on earth a person can choose just one.  Moderation is not in my DNA. 

Finally giving in, I promised myself to have only ONE. After a good 30 minutes of studying the edible artwork, I committed to a Charlotte and snapped a picture in celebration of self-control. Little did I know photos were not permitted at Lenôtre- for fear of industrial espionage. After being accosted by a flurry of sales associates, I assured them of my baking incompetancy and that I pose no threat to the national security of their tartlettes. Thankfully, secret service wasn't sent to shatter my camera, but I was verbally chastised and nearly banned from the place. When all was said and done, I sat quietly and enjoyed the most fabulous pastry ever- up till that point in life. 

The next day, putting on a brave face I entered the shop, making it clear I was sans l'appareil photo. In fact, in the course of the next week, I became rather friendly with the prim and proper 'keepers of the pastries." And while I got at least one of them to crack a smile, I did not joke about taking pictures. Don't. Go. There. When all was said and done, (at least) one of each dessert in this picture was consumed, including a fancy Eiffel Tower-shaped sticky bun, of which I resisted snapping a shot. Not to say, I wasn't tempted... But I suppose that's what Lenôtre is all about- total temptation. 

A sweet memory, indeed.   

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  1. "After being accosted by a flurry of sales associates, I assured them of my baking incompetancy and that I pose no threat to the national security of their tartlets." - Love this!!!!