Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Veronica Tewkesbury: Queen of Steam

Ahhhh, Veronica Tewkesbury... where to begin?

I discovered Veronica during one of Ariana's fabulous Halloween parties. She was sipping cheap champagne from a crystal-cut wine goblet. Captivating the audience with impassioned readings from fine novels, such as "One Naughty Night" and "Between the Sheets". The Queen of Steam made a lasting impression. Think satin gown, big black hat and elegant cigarette holder. And how could we forget the silver fox fur (faux, of course) and enough makeup to make ladies-of-the-night seem "au natural". All things a trashy romance novelist should be! You know, hipper-than-thou... watching artsy flicks with her shades on while sipping campari- and not because she likes it, but because it was voted sexiest drink ever. If you knew her, you would expect nothing less from Miss Tewkesbury.

Alright. I confess. This was my halloween costume in 2005, but Veronica has since become my alter ego and, thanks to Andy VerHage's fascination with Upper Arlington street names, Tewkesbury was adopted as her surname. This will most likely be the nom de plume under which I publish any steamy bodice rippers. Admit it, we ALL have at least one trashy romance novel in us. It's just finding the best Harlequin series in which to publish. There's "Blaze" and "Romance" and "Superromance" and "Intrigue" and even "Medical" and "Historical" categories. Goodness. Which one shall it be? Each have different standards for the story lines, but all have (embarrassingly cheesy) vivid love scenes.

I recently saw a documentary on romance writing and learned it is the world's best-selling genre of books- even men are jumping on the sin-wagon, both as writers and consumers. That intrigued me. Men writing/consuming girl porn. Hmmm... makes me wonder if there's a niche for romances directed toward the male audience. Veronica, who's flirtatious, creative energy is allowed to run amok from time-to-time, is rallying to resurrect the trashy romance novel that has been in the pipeline for some time now. It might be time to dig out the satin gown and crystal goblet. Hey Andy! Veronica wants Campari!

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